I’m Jay Jones

Helping fellow Church Leaders discover simple, effective methods to move their ministries forward.

Resource Library

Sometimes a helpful tool or strategy is the catalyst we need to move our ministry forward. Browse my collection of documents, systems, and other resources.

Ministry Consulting

Sometimes what we need is someone to walk alongside us, helping to untangle stuck things and sharing proven methods for growth. If you’re there, I’m here.

Identify where you are. Dream about where you want to be. Build a bridge between the two realities.

I’m a designer at heart. It’s just a natural talent. In my secular employment, I helped some of the largest companies in the world (and some of the smallest) gain clarity around where they’re headed and how to get there, using design to take insights to ideas, and ideas to execution. The world of ministry operates on the same biblical principles that cause successful businesses to thrive… and the Church has the added multiplier of the Spirit working through it.

As I’ve done with many ministry leaders and churches, I’ll help you use the power of design-thinking to establish your approach to ministry and align your leaders around a winning strategy and proven systems.

About Me

I’m a passionate worshipper of Jesus Christ, a husband, daddy, and overall a pretty good guy. One of my great passions is to help fellow church leaders discover simple, effective methods to move their ministries forward.

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Read helps and ideas for leadership, ministry, discipleship, and personal development.

Downloadable Resources

Why re-invent the wheel when others have created proven, effective methods and models? Swipe from my collection of free and inexpensive resources.

First Time Giver Checklist and Letter Bundle

Revolutionize your church’s giving process with my First Time Giver Checklist and letter bundle, designed to welcome and engage new and regular givers.

Ministry Mindset Calendar

Maximize your church’s impact with our comprehensive guide. Plan your upcoming sermon series, gatherings, and ministry activities effectively and with precision.

Oikos Intentionality Discipleship Worksheet

Strengthen your discipleship efforts with our Google sheet. Keep track of potential and active disciples easily and clearly with customizable settings.


“I can say without a shadow of doubt that upon receiving guidance, mentoring and tools from Jay, I have increased the ways I’m able to minister to pastors all around the world.”

Clarkston Morgan

Outreach Director, Our Daily Bread Ministries

“I consider Jay Jones a leading voice of Ministry in our day. His knowledge and influence is without a doubt God given. Specifically, through Jay’s training and insights, our Life Group and Christian Development Ministries have become healthy, strong and impactful.”

Bryan Spooner

Senior Pastor, Christian Apostolic Center

“I want to thank Jay for his timely, practical in depth training resources he’s shared with our District. These tools will help your church grow and get your people involved in the Great Commission!”

Brian Bowen

North American Missions Director, Michigan District UPCI

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