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Fresh perspective on where you’ve been, where you are now, and where your ministry may be stuck. Sets you up for effective strategic planning.


The planning phase leads you through defining your vision with measurable goals and a clear path forward for action.


You effectively position your resources to execute at their highest potential and achieve the vision.


Critical, personal coaching and accountability as you implement your strategic plan.

Helping You Move Ministry Forward

Get Clarity.
Build your Strategy.
Take Action.

You’re uniquely gifted for the calling and assignment God has for you. However, God doesn’t call the equipped, He equips the Called! To move your ministry forward, it’ll require God dispensing tools, knowledge and resources to you through experienced sources, and the wisdom to rely on others to fill in where you lack. This is the beauty of the Body of Christ. Together, we win!  Bringing a trusted source alongside to get the work done isn’t just smart… it’s God’s plan!

What Is Ministry Consulting?

Push you beyond your comfort zone

Like a coach in sports, a ministry coach can help you to step outside of your comfort zone. They’ll challenge you in your comfort, and help you break free from the shackles of your own limitations.

Guide you in creating a plan

A coach can help you clarify your vision, talk through your ministry’s mission, and create a plan to accomplish the work God has called you to fulfill. What’s more, a good coach will also hold you accountable to accomplishing your goals.

Help you overcome obstacles

Sometimes you’re not growing as a leader, or your ministry isn’t progressing – you’re stuck and you may not even know it. A ministry coach can help identify obstacles and give unseen insight to overcome them.

Help develop life-giving work/life balance

From the outside of your life looking in, a ministry coach can have a clearer view of you and your workload. And since they have ministry experience, they understand what you’re going through, and provide godly advice in how to strike a good balance.

How Do I know If Hiring a Consultant is Right For My Ministry?

No matter how we look at it, growth is preceded by knowledge and experience. We can  gain those things by investing countless hours of personal  research and foraging for the right tools and systems, or we can bring people alongside us who have done the hard work, and  may be gifted in areas that complement our giftings… people who can give us a head start, or propel us a little further, and a little faster. This is where a consultant can help.

Could I benefit from an outside perspective?

Ministry is one of the few careers that involves your entire being – it’s your spiritual, professional, and social world. An objective third party can help you find your place in these different worlds.

Would guidance tailored to my stage of growth help?

Every minister is different. Growth is exciting, but it also comes with challenges. Every phase of ministry requires a change in the minister’s abilities, commitment, and knowledge… A consultant can give you guidance in both the difficult and exciting stages.

Do I need help matching strategies with the right goals?

Setting goals is key to constantly improving your ministry. A consultant can help you align your goals with your mission and vision and know whether they align with the direction your church is headed.

Would I like to learn from others’ experience?

Leadership can be lonely. An experienced friend can help give you context for what the stage in your ministry should look like at the same time helping you to stay on track. Leveraging someone else’s experience can save time and effort on the road forward.

Could well-placed insight help me get unstuck?

Picture a stream whose flow is blocked by a pile of rocks. The water has no lack of passion, but the obstacles create a difficult path forward, limiting its effectiveness. Someone walking beside your ministry could help navigate or remove the barriers to the growth you’re looking for.

Could my ministry benefit from saving time and money?

There are many sources and resources available these days to help navigate ministry, build effective systems, and build leadership. Having someone beside you who has done the research, implemented the systems, and seen the growth can save you time, effort, and expense.

My Consulting Approach

Early on I learned that being a student would be my lifelong pursuit. But along the way, I could show others how to find the bread I’ve found. In effect, being a teacher doesn’t mean we’ve arrived or that we have nothing to learn from those we teach. In fact, I find mentoring to be more of a mutual exchange, where each seeks both to give and receive.

I’ve had the privilege of sharing my experiences, knowledge, and resources with young and old, professional and craftsman, the affluent and the minimalist. And in every case, I’ve walked away being enriched as well as they. I have no ego to stroke or personal agenda to advance… only to hone my ministry and do what I can to advance the Kingdom of God by equipping the church.

If you feel the same way, I think we can work well together.

How It Works

Schedule a Free 1:1

We’ll meet in person or through video chat and talk through your current ministry needs. I’ll ask some questions to clarify what would help move things forward for you, and discuss options on how to proceed. This usually takes about 30 minutes.


Choose a Consulting Plan

I’ll offer options for moving forward, which may include a one-day design-thinking session for you or your team, my full 4-phase consulting package, or specific a la carte workshop sessions to help in your areas of greatest need. You’ll be in full control of the choices.

Reach Your Goals

The main goal is to get your ministry moving forward. Through strategic goal setting and structuring your ministry well, you’ll find things gaining traction very quickly. I’ll be available to encourage, help you assess, and celebrate your wins!

Free 1-on-1

We’ll meet to talk through your current ministry needs, either in-person or over video chat. I’ll ask some questions to clarify what would help move things forward for you, and discuss options on how to proceed. This usually takes about 30 minutes.


1-Day Design-Thinking Session

This is a 4-hour, open-access session where we’ll identify key targets that can give you serious traction in your ministry right now. This session is designed to diagnose your greatest needs, and develop a rock-solid plan and strategy to get things unstuck and moving forward for you.


More Details

 I’ll bring my years of secular experience helping some of the largest companies in the world (and some of the smallest) gain clarity around where they’re headed and how to get there. The world of ministry operates on the same biblical principles that cause successful businesses to thrive… and the Church has the added multiplier of the Spirit working through it.
As I’ve done with many ministry leaders and churches, I’ll help you use the power of design-thinking to establish your approach to ministry and align your team around a winning strategy and proven systems.

4 Week Consulting Package

The goal of the 4-week consulting package is to get your ministry operating smoothly and help to establish core systems. This includes four 1-day workshops walking through each of my four pillars of ministry logistics, Assess, Plan, Structure, and Action. These four weeks include access to me as you and your team implement each week’s steps.


Systems Workshops

You may desire consulting to implement a variety of specific systems like Guest Followup, Volunteer Recruitment, Small Groups facilitation, or training on other topics such as Social Media Marketing, Spiritual Healing, or Leadership Development. These workshops are typically 3-4 hours long.



“I can say without a shadow of doubt that upon receiving guidance, mentoring and tools from Jay, I have increased the ways I’m able to minister to pastors all around the world.”

Clarkston Morgan

Outreach Director, Our Daily Bread Ministries

“I consider Jay Jones a leading voice of Ministry in our day. His knowledge and influence is without a doubt God given. Specifically, through Jay’s training and insights, our Life Group and Christian Development Ministries have become healthy, strong and impactful.”

Bryan Spooner

Senior Pastor, Christian Apostolic Center

“I want to thank Jay for his timely, practical in depth training resources he’s shared with our District. These tools will help your church grow and get your people involved in the Great Commission!”

Brian Bowen

North American Missions Director, Michigan District UPCI

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