4-Week Consulting Package


Elevate your ministry with my 4-week consulting package. Establish core systems and achieve smooth operations through four 1-day workshops and access to my expertise and experience.



The goal of the 4-week consulting package is to get your ministry operating smoothly and help to establish core systems. This includes four 1-day workshops walking through each of my four pillars of ministry logistics, Assess, Plan, Structure, and Action. These four weeks include access to me as you and your team implement each week’s steps.

Week 1: ASSESS
Fresh perspective on where you’ve been, where you are now, and where your ministry may be stuck. Sets you up for effective strategic planning.

Week 2: PLAN
The planning phase leads you through defining your vision with measurable goals and a clear path forward for action.

You effectively position your resources to execute at their highest potential and achieve the vision.

Week 4: ACTION
Critical, personal coaching and accountability as you implement your strategic plan.


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