1-Day Design-Thinking Session


Revitalize your ministry with my 4-hour open-access session. Get clarity, develop a winning strategy, and align your team with my design-thinking approach.



This is a 4-hour, open-access session where we’ll identify key targets that can give you serious traction in your ministry right now. This session is designed to diagnose your greatest needs, and develop a rock-solid plan and strategy to get things unstuck and moving forward for you. I’ll connect with you first for a free 30-minute discussion about what would be best to deliver to you and your team.

I’ll bring my years of secular experience helping some of the largest companies in the world (and some of the smallest) gain clarity around where they’re headed and how to get there. The world of ministry operates on the same biblical principles that cause successful businesses to thrive… and the Church has the added multiplier of the Spirit working through it.

As I’ve done with many ministry leaders and churches, I’ll help you use the power of design-thinking to establish your approach to ministry and align your team around a winning strategy and proven systems.


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